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We freshly baked 3 super sweet plans for you.

Receive your goodies

Unique and limited editions full of new prints and colors.

There is no step 3 !

All is taken care of for you.

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And receive your first surprise box the 1st week of November.
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Because you deserve:

Regular deliveries.
6 collections a year.
Better cash flow.
Free gifts straight from the oven.

...And simply because we can! 

Everything we design is hand made and hand printed
in our own workshop at the speed of light

Time to choose now 

per month
Free shipping!
Cancel at any time
per month
Free shipping!
Cancel at any time
per month
Free shipping!
Cancel at any time
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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get in my Bakker Box?
Every 2 months, we'll send you curated products specially selected for the season.
How much is it?
The Little Bakkery subscription, with no long-term commitment, starts from €150 per month.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes! Subscriptions can be canceled at any time
When will my box ship?
Expect your favorite piece of mail—your box!—to ship by the first week every 2 months starting from November 2018. We'll get started on your first box as soon as you subscribe. Want to keeps tabs on your box? We'll send you the tracking info via email each time!
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