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TOTE BAG canvas capsule

Hand printed cotton shopper bag with strong, stitched handles, magnetic closure and a small pocket inside.

tropik blue

BACKPACK MINI canvas capsule

Hand printed cotton canvas backpacks in a range of bakker geometric patterns perfect for children up to 6 years old.

reiko sky

SAC CORDON canvas capsule

tropik green

PENCIL CASE MINI canvas capsule

tropik blue

COMPUTER SLEEVE 13 13 canvas capsule

Slim line computer sleeves with a zipper and an ultra-plush padded lining. Made with printed cotton canvas, these sleeves deliver protection while beautifully displaying bakker patterns.

mini dots red

POUCH MEDIUM canvas capsule

Spacious hand-printed canvas pouch ideal for small accessories or cosmetics.

stripes sky

POUCH 3D SMALL canvas capsule

With its wider bottom, this hand-printed canvas pouch offers plenty of space for small accessories.


POUCH 3D MEDIUM canvas capsule

colourful zipper, available in two sizes, wider bottom that keeps it upright, material: hand-printed canvas, lining: waterproof cordura

mini dots red

MOON BAG canvas capsule

big dots pink fluo

MOON BAG SMALL canvas capsule

big dots pink fluo

MOON BAG canvas capsule assorted pack x6

A playful round cross-body bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, the Moon bag is spacious enough to fit an iPhone and features a zipper closure to keep your things secure.


COSMETIC MEDIUM canvas capsule

zip closure, waterproof interior, material: canvas

big dots pink fluo

SAC CORDON canvas fluo polka dots

Hand-printed cotton drawstring bags. The adjustable string can be worn over the shoulder or as a backpack. The bag offers countless uses from separating your toiletries in a suitcase, to keeping your personal items in one spot when at the beach or pool.

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