our story

and other little (and big) things we stand for
Let's introduce you to the reasons behind our human adventure, our choices, our values, and processes.

Everything we do is made by hand in small workshops chosen personally for the principles we have in common. We work with men and women who mastered tools and not machines. The relationship we entertain with them is one of trust and respect for each other and each other’s needs.

Fabrics, leathers and all the raw materials we use are locally selected with a particular attention paid to the way they are produced.

Our ambition is to grow with serenity while maintaining the harmony and the way of working, which is the very foundation of our company.

It is also very important to us that you as an active partner understand and join in the spirit of that human adventure.

Our beautiful challenge is to make our customers see that producing sustainably in Java & Bali is an regardless the difficulties an advantage and that brings happiness to all the people we work with.
bakker accessories team
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