bakker love club

Faster shipping, special offers, free products,
pay later, financing and so much more! 



0 - 19,999 pts.
20,000 - 39,999 pts.

40,000 pts

Invite Only 
Earn points for Bakker Rewards
Exclusive sales✓ 
+ 10 Eur Fee

+ 5 Eur fee


Redeem points for products 
Gifts per order 
Early access to products, special events & sales 3rd access  2nd access1st access
Flash 3-day shipping on all orders 
Pay Later  
Free shipping  
Private Hotline  
Custom product lines  ✓ 

Each product has a specific amount of points.

Every purchase you make your redeem those points.

Change your  points for products & get benefits for total amount earned.

Flash 2-day shipping on all orders
2-days shipping after payment for all those in-stock products. 
Exclusive Product Sales
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Exclusive Product releases
Get exclusive notifications on freshly bakked products or offers.
Private Hotline
Get access to a special hotline in which you will receive preferred customer service.
Free shipping
Free shipping on your next order, regardless the order amount.
Pay Later
Order now and pay in 30, 60 or 90 days depending on your loyalty level.
The financing program allows you to order now and pay per month!
Custom Products Lines
Products lines that are only be available for our loyal customers level 3.
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